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Penta ID Innovation is a site management organisation relying on a unique network of high performing clinical sites in Europe and around the globe.

Stemmed from the Penta network specialised in paediatric Infectious Diseases, Penta ID Innovation aims at reducing the gap between industry and academia to deliver high-level consultancy services and guarantee well-performing trial recruitment to the pharmaceutical industry.

EnprEMA Tier 1 Paediatric Clinical Trial Network

Our Mission

“We want to accelerate the research that makes a difference to children’s health”

What we do

From tailor-made consultancy on study protocol design to its full implementation.
We provide the paediatric clinical expertise needed to make a study successful.

We provide specialized expertise (clinical, pharmacological, regulatory, statistical) in order to maximize study feasibility and guarantee a clinician-friendly approach that facilitates recruitment.
Preparation of Paediatric Investigational Plans (PIPs) for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and of Paediatric Study Plans (PSPs) for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Implementation of all the phases of a clinical trial on behalf of the sponsor including preliminary activities for study activation as well as ethics and administrative approvals, qualification visits for the activation of testing centers, meetings with researchers and training of personnel involved in the study.
Management of a unique global network of clinical sites with expertise in GCP compliant clinical trials in neonates and children.
We support the sponsor in all interactions and negotiations with Competent Authorities and relevant Agencies.
We develop study designs relying on strong paediatric clinical expertise and tapping, when needed, on a pool of PK experts.
Pre Clinical Clinical Trials
Phase 1
Clinical Trials
Phase 2
Clinical Trials
Phase 3
Drug Submission Licensing Post Marketing Studies Drug Utilization Studies Registries
Site Identification
Access to patients and families
Access to patients and families
Expertise in trial delivery
Service user involvement

Our Vision

“A world where industry and academic collaboration delivers breakthroughs that improve the lives of children”

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In Europe PENTA-ID is the only network of clinical sites specialized in paediatric infectious diseases recognized by the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (EnprEMA).




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    Operating globally Penta ID Innovation is driven by a mission to accelerate, innovate and improve the research that makes the difference to children’s health. Our growing team brings a long history of drug development experience, effective company leadership and spirited collaboration. As we expand, we continue to welcome passionate and talented individuals who share our desire to create a world where industry and academic collaboration delivers breakthroughs that improve the lives of children. Penta ID Innovation offers a rewarding work environment that fosters innovation. We invite you to explore our career opportunities. If you don’t find a perfect job match on our website, but think Penta ID Innovation may be the right place for you, please submit your resume to info@pentaidinnovation.com

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